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Designer: Thorunn Hannesdottir - FÆRIÐ

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The Willow hanger  provides a shelter for the user’s accessories, whether it is gentleman´s tie or a lady's necklace, a girl´s ribbon or a boy´s bow, sunglasses or belt. Willow hanger will storage precious items beautifully. The hanger can be both hanged in the user’s wardrobe or be used as a display piece in the hallway, creating a sanctuary for scarves or shawls that are used on regular basis.

Willow is a hanger that is inspired from fairy tales and shapes from nature, especially from  H.C. Anderssen fairy tale Under the Willow-tree written in 1853. Willow trees are found primarily on moist soils in cold and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Willows have soft tough wood with slender branches, the tree is graceful and refined, easily recognized by its open crown of ground-sweeping branches.

 The material used in the Willow hanger is Nordic birch plywood and the hanger´s curves resemble the ground-sweeping branches.

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